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1. Write a great article

Do you a have a thought or idea that you want to share? Chances are you are not the only one thats passionate about it. Your article could be funny, serious, facts or opinions, the greatest thing is that you wrote it.

2. Let your article earn

If you are registered as a blogger on our website your articles could earn money based on the amount of visits they receive and ad revenue. It doesn’t stop there, it could still be earning monthly for something you wrote one year ago.

This will provide the necessary assistance to the vulnerable youths that need it the most. So it’s important to consistently add new articles, and to update old ones.

3. A good read

Our editorial team select articles at random for promotion on various platforms. However, we recommend you share a link to your own articles to increase readership and to drive awareness to the challenges youths in state care are facing.

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Be Original

Ensure that everything that you post is yours or use citations or permissions.


Your aim should be to reach a wider audience with your content and to help your readers. Therefore, as a byproduct we’ll be able to provide homes, food, and education to as many children and those who transition out of state care as we can. Marketing yourself or your products, feature advertisement, and or soliciting donations is not what WPGOSOCIAL.COM is about.


Readers like articles that are beneficial to them in some way. Whether it entertains or informs. This could be a recipe idea, a tutorial, reports, statistics or poems. Please avoid writing articles without clear value to the readers.

Dear Authors,

Too many children in state care are being released in the world whether they are equipped or not. These are children without parents, or living conditions are dangerous to the child’s well-being. They have very limited to zero financial support, and most lack the education needed for basic employment. Therefore, homelessness, substance abuse, incarceration, and a life of poverty are just a few of the things that they have to look forward to after transitioning out of state care. However, you can help to change that.

I am asking you to donate one article per month. With the earnings we’ll be able to provide more children in state care with the necessary resources to transition into being on their own. Having a clear idea of where they will be living, education while in the system, and life skills will give them a fighting chance of becoming a contributing member of society.

Please join me in this battle.
Everyone deserves the opportunity to become greater than what their circumstances have in stored for them.

Written Words

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