In this Brizy Pro review you will learn what is Brizy. The Brizy Pro templates for WordPress, Brizy visual Page Builder, the WP layout and much more. Reading this Brizy tutorial will give you a greater understanding of what is a cloud website builder.


I am not an affiliate of Brizy Pro WordPress Visual page builder. I don’t have a Brizy Pro Lifetime coupon for you, however I have the truth. You can trust that you are getting an objective Brizy review.


Brizy Pro is a new tool introduced to create modern and attractive web pages in WordPress. Building a page in WordPress seems difficult for most users. Many page builders provide the complex setting and elements that are not necessary only increases the difficulty for web designers.


With Brizy pro features you can make changes quickly in your webpage. Without having the difficulty most web development tool comes with.


As a web developer there are technical questions that must be asked throughout the client’s interview. These interview questions are vital to satisfying your customer needs. Brizy Pro is so great, because it allows you to seamlessly integrate your client’s requirements after the developer interview process.


Here are 22 incredible Brizy Pro features to consider when buying Brizy Pro to build your WordPress page. Basically, the following points will help you understand the outstanding features of the BrizyPro page builder.






1. Flexible customization

Brizy Pro provide flexible customization for a front end developer. Users can make changes in the default structure according to their own choices while editing pre-build page. Even with the use of custom html and css. As a user, you can change background images, redo and undo actions, re-order blocks at the page. Moreover, Brizy pro flexible customization feature also enables you to make changes in the images and text.


2. Cloud auto-save

One of the most amazing features of the Brizy pro is the cloud-auto save feature. Brizy pro works on a cloud autosave basis. There is no need to worry if you have left incomplete work and new changes unsaved. The Cloud auto-save feature in the Brizy Pro page builder will save your data and changes automatically.

One of the worse things that could happen to a designer is to work hard on a design. Then to have it all wiped off your screen losing everything. Well with Brizy Pro gone are the days of starting from scratch because you lost your unsaved work.


3. Mobile Friendly

You can just enter in the mobile view by clicking on the phone icon in the side bar. This allows you to customize the experience of the phone users. You also have the option of tailoring the user interface for your website visitors that are on tablet and desktop.

This feature will help you to get an idea of how best to configure the UI and UX of your website. No matter what device your visitors use to find your website you want to provide the greatest experience. You can also make changes easily if something does not match your design ideas. If you want to add blocks to match a customers new specification that’s simple to implement as well.

The mobile-friendly feature will help you in modifying and re-arranging elements. Like the buttons, headers, footers and other parts of your WordPress website. Making the best mobile-friendly website on your Brizy WordPress theme.


4. Smart & clutter free

Brizy Pro page builder services are smart and clutter free. While working with the tools you will definitely find it quite simple and easy to understand.

You will not find any kind of unnecessary elements and features that you do not require. Brizy Pro page builder provides only relevant elements in each plugin. No less and no more.


5. Video Backgrounds

You can also select a video background for your webpage from Vimeo or YouTube. You are free to use loop options if you require for your video background. Moving backgrounds are a great way to engage your audience and capture their attention.

Adding a small length video about your webpage as the background is a good idea. Moreover, you are free to use other background styles. You can add images and maps also to make your webpage look stylish and attractive.


6. Dynamic layout

You can customize your website layout easily. There is no hard work required for customization of the different section. Developing a webpage is quite a simple and easy task with Brizy Pro services.

Only a few a clicks enable you to get your desired design. Toolset, Pods and ACF tools support development cycle with deep integration.


7. Intuitive drag & drop

Intuitive drag and drop feature is incredibly helpful and supportive for the users. In the past we were used to facing problem in understanding the role of options and elements presented in the settings.

How to run the desired function was a difficult task for many of us. Well, now advanced features of Brizy Pro page builder provide every required function in a simple and straight way.


8. Design Elements 

BrizyPro is not limited to only ready-made and pre-designed blocks. While working on webpage design and development you can get a number of pre-made elements to stylize the design of the webpage.

Now in only a few seconds, you can make changes in the progress bars, counters, tabs, buttons, forms, images etc.


9. Global Styling 

Brizy offers you Global styling features. Buying Brizy pro page builder’s services will cater to a lot of customization options for you. You can use fonts from Google.

You can add new colors from color customization options. In fact, there is no limit for customization and global styling when it comes to the Brizy Pro page Builders.


10. Header and Footer

Headers and footers designing takes time. Brizy pro comes with the pre-designed headers and footer. Now you do not need to spend hours and hours on customization of header and footer. All that you have to do is to select a pre-designed header or footer and apply it at our webpage.


11. Re-order blocks

Brizy Pro only offer re-ordering block feature for its users. As a user, you can drag a block and just drop it in the required position. Re-order feature is available below the add elements options on the webpage.


12. Paddings & margins

Customization of paddings and margins on a webpage is not as easy as it seems. It takes an hour in development. And what about the users who are not familiar with programming and developing. Brizy provides Paddings and Margins styling and customization features that are quite easy for users.


13. Images Edit 

Brizy also provides image editing option. Now you can zoom in/ zoom out, upload, focus, and resize images used on the webpage without facing difficulty.


14. Resize columns

Brizy Pro caters for web designers that want to adjust their columns and instantly see how it would look on screen. You can resize anything no matter what. Even if it is an image you can adjust the columns and the image for your perfect design. Working with text is just as simple, using your mouse or track pad to drag the columns to the desired width.

In search engine optimization mobile responsiveness is a big determining factor. how good of an experience your website visitors will have. With the Brizy Pro page builder you are able to select the phone icon. Then you can adjust your columns to fit perfectly on your smart phone and other mobile devices. There is also a tablet icon to adjust your columns to fit on tablets and iPads.


15. Over 150 pre-made blocks

More than 150 pre-made blocks are offered by the Brizy pro page builder. This enable users to select their desired block just in one click. There is no need for codes and programming to get blocks. Common categories of pre-made blocks are feature blocks, gallery, slider, call to action, and more. 

This makes it a lot faster for web designers to create professional looking pages. All blocks are also fully customizable. If you choose a block that is not one hundred percent to your liking. You can be quickly adjusted to meet your design specifications.


16. Over 4000 icons included

Brizy offers a variety of icons for the your webpage. In fact, it includes all icons from Glyph and Outline version. Just through advanced search option, you can select the required one in few seconds. Many themes offer a small amount of icons.

Then what most web designers would do is to install an additional plugin to add more icons to their websites.

Though having a wider variety of icons are great. Installing more plugins on your website will more than likely reduce the performance of your WordPress website.


17. Content Adjustments

Content adjustment options supported by the Brizy Pro page builder. Brizy makes it really easy to have your website content customized to your specification. All you have to do is to use your mouse or track pad. Then drag anything that you are seeing on the screen to your desired position. This makes it easy for anyone to create stunning websites without the use of complicated codes and custom css.


18. Premium Design

 Brizy Pro ensures premium designs for your WordPress websites. For individuals that do not have any specific design. Even if you are looking for an easy professional layout for your website. 

Without using web developers and designers, Brizy pro page builder services are amazing for you. Brizy Pro provides you a wide range of pre-designed templates for your website.

You could drag drop and have a clean professional WordPress website in a matter of minutes not hours.


19. Third party integration

Third party integration is an excellent feature of the Brizy pro page builder services. Using this feature in Brizy Pro a developer can add an image from external sources. For example Unsplash, a premium font can be selected from the account of Type kit. Designers have the added benefit of integrating webpages from mailing platforms. Including the Campaign Monitor and MailChimp whatever you like, you can use with Brizy Pro page builder.

Third party integration is quite simple with Brizy Pro. It’s just a few clicks that will enhance your website functionalities. Common third parties that are supported by the Brizy pro page building services are Zapier, Typekit, Salesforce, Aweber, Unsplash, Hubspot, Mailer and more.


20. Pop-Up builder

Pop-up banners and windows makes the website look amazing and more functional. In Brizy Pro you will definitely want to have banners, and call to action windows on your WordPress website as a design option. Brizy pro provides pre-made and designed pop-ups and call to actions windows that you can add to your webpage. They are responsive and you are able to create custom designs to fit mobile devices and your desktop WordPress users.


21. Advanced Form 

Brizy builder offers advanced form options. Web designers can now provide a fully functional contact option for their customers and visitors. The Brizy Pro version has powerful features and attractive but simple and easy to understand forms for customer contact and other similar purposes. Advanced forms are supported by many popular third party integration. Brizy header enables a WordPress page maker to easily customize their page header when they create a website.


22. Shape Dividers 

Brizy Pro offer 42 stunning shape dividers to make you website stand out from your competition. Dividers are an effective way to seperate blocks on your WordPress website. They can be placed at the bottom at the top of each block. You are also able to adjust the width and height of each divider in Brizy Pro.



Brizy pricing is right around the average cost of other popular page builders. For example the Divi Builder from Elegant Themes, Visual Composer, and Elementor Pro Page Builder.

Visual Composer comes out with the highest price for a site builder at $349 per year for their unlimited website option. Brizy Pro price falls right in the middle of Elementor Pro and Divi Page builder. With Brizy Pro page builder plugin priced at $99 per year for unlimited WordPress Websites. Elementor Pro is priced at $199 per year and Divi $70 per year for a similar plan.

These Brizy pro features will make your WordPress page building experience amazing. If you need to customize the header, footer, or in the body of your website Brizy Pro makes adjustments easy. Even when handling text or images Brizy Pro customization feature is always there for the ease of users.

Before only the pros where able to add dynamic content to their WordPress themes. Personalizing page titles, WordPress widgets, now if with Brizy Pro now anyone can quickly customize webpages. Brizy Pro does not offer a free trial, however they do offer a 30 days money back guarantee.


The easiness, user-friendliness, and full functionality of all options make the Brizy pro a unique Page Builder. Concluding all the above discussion I would say Brizy Pro offer a competitive option to the list of popular WordPress page builders. So if you are looking for a WordPress page builder for beginners and pros. You should strongly consider if Brizy Pro WordPress Page Builder is for you.