Once upon a time, not long ago
In the world the traffic grow

Daddy went to work and mommy too
Sometimes going to the mall to get a hairdo

Ally was a boy; he had the power to mass produce
He also had the gift of making prices reduce

One day on the playground Ally heard boohoo
Coming from the spot where kids go when they are new

Ally ran over to see who was crying
It was a little girl with a bat that was not flying

Put it down he said, and see if it will leave
Suddenly the bad took off in the breeze

Hi! I am Ally, what is your name?
My name is Corona, have a favourite game?

I like making Toys, Phones, even Meds for flu
If you ever need anything I will make it for you.

Though the bat was gone that was not the end
All Corona could think about was her new found friend

So excited, they forgot to wash their hands
Now in their lungs a virus lands

Corona sneezed and her mother grieve
Because her father caught a cruel disease

Corona did not understand as she felt fine
Why she could no longer go out and dine

A month ago her grandparents were glad to see her
Now they dare not leave the safety of where they were
Life as they knew it is such a blur

Corona asked Ally to make a respirator
Instead of asking for toys from the manufacturer

Ally knew more requests are ahead
Over the whole world, the virus had spread

Ally used his power to make masks for all to wear
Because there was more than rain droplets in the air

A hug or kiss you should not give
With Covid-19 it is hard to live

To all my family Ally miss you
And please for my birthday no tissue

When will kids be able to go out and make new friends?
I’ll let you know as soon as the Coronavirus pandemic ends