41 best wordpress dating theme for your networking and social website

Choosing the right WordPress dating theme for your social and networking website might seem a little complex at first but trust us, it doesn’t have to be that way. Following list must help you immensely in getting to the most appropriate option for you. Every other theme has some specific features, custom widgets, and user profiles which will bring your site to life!
Using this theme, you get true email, in-site notifications, normal personal messaging, and chat function. A unique feature that you get to enjoy with only this theme is that you can deliver virtual gifts which increases the interaction among users. You can even create different levels of membership and take payments for further added functionality.
• Sweet Date
When it comes to this WordPress dating theme, users know this as the most attractive theme which is created around the BuddyPress plugin and WordPress core application. Using the former plugin, you can create complex websites which are driven by communities meaning that it is perfect networking and social websites.
Mingle Theme
Using the Mingle theme, you can develop custom layouts with creative footers and headers together with multi-column rows of content. Generally, this feature and the custom contact makes it more than just a little easier to design custom layouts. The initial or primary feature of this theme is the ease of organization, simple layout, and simple navigation.
It can be said that KLEO theme is actually a dating and social networking WordPress theme that provides you with great layouts and turnkey functionality which is quite great. Many other layout options are included in this theme which will impress your visitors for sure. There are several styles and you can check it out once you are using it.
• Razor
This WordPress dating theme is an incredible tool for creating new website under the topic of dating since it is compatible with BuddyPress and bbPress. The professional and clean style works on all smartphones, tablets, and the modern aspects make it easy for advanced and beginner developers to create a site of their own.
• Love Hearts
If you think about it, Love Hearts practically screams of a dating website and it seems to fulfill the objective with a white and red color palette and a design that is quite responsive. This theme is fully-editable has a powerful panel of control allowing you to upload your logo and move elements.
• Love Romance
This WordPress dating theme delivers a very responsive style which serves right for users who are inclined to use a tablet or phone to access your site. It is quite easy to install since there are only two steps which you must carry out. It speeds up the process of development while color options permit you to make a site that accurately matches the brand.
• Online Romance
Just like the name suggests, it allows you to create a virtual dating site which is flexible and attracts users. Your users have the capability of signing up with a profile of their own and begin searching for connections which can support them. Sharing success stories, incorporating a blog, and including a contact form has become easier with this theme.
• Theme 49499
You might think that this theme has a strange name but believe us, it offers you a fully responsive design with an editable back-end. Moreover, post formats and custom post types are convenient.
• Boss Theme
It is a really contemporary and modern social and networking site theme. It helps you making the use of BuddyPress very easy and take the experience of social media to a whole different level.
• One Social
This theme is more than just a little perfect for all types of communities and groups. One Social is renowned due to its responsive nature and multipurpose. It has an interface and design that is engaging and minimal. The color scheme is subtle and soft making it pleasing to the eye.
• Dating
Dating theme is perfect for creating a dating theme actually. It helps you create a site that is really contemporary and trendy. The aim of Dating is to create a site which helps people find their soul mates.
• Dating Responsive
It can indeed be said that Dating Responsive is quite a modern theme and helps you deliver simplistic design to your visitors.
• Dating Agency
When you are using this powerful and illustrative theme, you are able to build your own dating agency. It is one of the best interacting themes that we can every offer you.
Indeed, Salutation is a very sophisticated and modern WordPress dating theme. This theme allows you to make the users interact through private messaging, status updates, groups, and forums. There are many other aspects as well.
Just as the name suggests, it is the one of the few themes which really is designed for making people socialize with each other. Using it, you can create the most versatile site ever.
It is one of the best professional themes that you can use. You can make connections and even post messages with it.
This WordPress dating theme is actually one of the best contemporary themes that we know. It has an interface that is fully responsive and allows viewers to engage with each other. The coloring scheme is one of the major reasons why we suggest this theme.
You can say that Gone really is a multipurpose theme that offers the ultimate online experience that users often seek. It attractiveness is further enhanced by the fact that it comes with the integration of WooCommerce as well. It runs effectively on every type of device.
It is a bbPress and BuddyPress integrated theme which lets your users create their own profiles on the site. Furthermore, when you are using this theme, you can create groups, make connections, and even send messages for interacting with others.
Wild Community
It is actually a BuddyPress integrated theme that allows its users to quickly make their profiles on your very own site and start interacting. It really is a perfect theme for creating a social networking site which serves almost every purpose.
This WordPress dating theme has been designed to help users create a perfect community for online users. It is a lively theme which practically glows with enthusiasm and using it, you can easily create forums, events, and manage tasks as well. Moreover, you can develop user profiles and develop your own forum as well.
Kudos is actually a really professional theme that arrives with bbPress and BuddyPress plugins. It is not only clean but also minimal while concentrating on the site’s main objective. It offers several amazing features along with a very responsive interface.
Pet Club
One can say that this portfolio website is best suited for pet stores while another can say that it serves the purpose of dating. With incredible features, it is integrated with WooCommerce as well. It offers almost everything that pet lover needs. It is quite a cute theme that is adored by its users.
• Dating Online
It is a really sweet and contemporary WordPress dating theme. It has a sophisticated and elegant interface that is liked by those who seem to seek simplicity. The flexibility of the layout is enhanced by two areas of widget.
Online Dating
Online Dating is a very simple dating website theme that promises to assist you and make it easier for you to find your partner. It is search engine optimized and when you are using this specific theme, you don’t have to worry about its popularity. The interface is bold and stylish.
It is not only a responsive but also a multipurpose website theme that helps you in creating a powerful dating site without putting more efforts. With this theme, you get to enjoy an incredible home page, user groups, testimonials, welcome content, and success stories with embedded style. It is quite a precise theme that plays an important role in catching the eyes of users.
Klein is yet another BuddyPress powered community theme that you can easily use for creating your online website that features dating. It works perfectly fine with your plugin of BuddyPress.
Actually, this theme arrives with a fantastic modern design which is incredibly optimized for fitting small devices.
Buddy is a modern beautiful WordPress dating theme what powered by the theme of BuddyPress. You can always use this theme for creating any type of community website include a dating website as well.
BuddyApp WordPress theme offers a virtual solution which allows you to use its fully responsive design so that users get stunning experience even when they are browsing on their mobile phones. If you wish to create any private community, you can always do so because it is considered best for that.
Gwangi is considered one of the best match making and WordPress dating theme which gives you the opportunity to develop your own dating online site. It comes with an attractive design which immediately attracts visitors.
Social Learner Theme
This WordPress dating theme is designed for all those who seem to socialize and interact with each other. Its installation takes only a single click and is supported by RTL as well. What makes it even more perfect it is that it is supported by RTL. It is also compatible with BuddyPress and WooCommerce as well.
SocialMe Theme
If we are talking about the themes that have an elegant design, SocialMe theme actually has a prominent place due to its elegancy. It is one of those themes which instantly boosts the traffic which regularly visits your site.
Bridge Theme
It can be said that it is among one of the bestsellers and in this case, one of the best eye catching WordPress dating theme which offers you a minimalistic and sophisticated design. This one is for all those who believe that interactive design attracts more visitors. It has a powerful responsive style which becomes the source of immediate interaction.
X-Theme definitely is one of the best most attractive and bestselling WordPress themes. It offers an enchanting experience that cannot be overruled by any other theme.
Salient Theme
There are times when you don’t want to fuss over the search engine optimization. Well, this WordPress theme is more than just a little attractive because it offers you the most capabilities for optimizing the theme and making sure that countless visitors are being attracted. It offers you countless layouts and is supported by RTL as well.
Custom Community Theme
Just as the name suggests, it is a proper theme that is designed specifically for running a site which is all about interaction and communication. You can easily communicate using this theme. There are several features that you can enjoy with this theme.
BuddyBoss Mobile Only Theme
It is a fully responsive theme that is not only lightweight but also seems to work with your favorite template of WordPress. Additionally, it is easily manageable through your mobile phone.
• WPLMS Theme
It can be said that this theme comes with everything that you seek when you are looking for a theme for your networking and social website. It is supported by RTL and you can easily install it with one click.
Avada Theme
One of the most basic reasons why this theme has gained popularity is the fact that there are countless possibilities which you can explore using it.
Bimber Theme
Bimber Theme is quite a good theme when it comes to communicating and interacting using a site. There are countless options that you can use with this theme and power up your networking and social website. Why don’t you try it yourself?

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