15 best WordPress content plugins everyone needs to engage readers

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If we talk about sites, you will have to agree with me that WP or WordPress is considered one of the best choices and platforms for general bloggers and blog content marketers. There are some common WordPress content plugins which are liked by many business owners. If you are to observe the usage statistics, you will actually be surprised to realize the sheer magnitude of users relying on content plugins.
There are many reasons why WordPress is so popular among online users. For instance, it is easily customized and when you install different unique themes, you are able to change the appearance of your website. It keeps the content of your blog managed and thoroughly organized as well.
Many seem to prefer plugins because they are really easy to use and specific to WP as well. You can also generally tell just how good and well-developed a plugin really is by using it. Most of the following WordPress content plugins which we are going to mention are free.
• Wordfence
The reason why this plugin seems to be at the top is that you can rely on it for its quality. It makes sure that your content is protected from any type of harm.
You already know that hackers can actually cause an unknown amount of harm. That is why a solid security tool is no doubt necessary for ensuring that no one is able to damage your site. Wordfence is a thorough plugin which manager all the critical security of your site while allowing you to sit carefree without having to worry even a little. The biggest advantage of this plugin is that it is completely free.
• iThemes Security
It is yet another comprehensive tool plugin that ensures that the content on your site is completely safe. In fact, it makes sure that your website is free from all types of threats. Using the plugin, you can even develop credentials for all the developers that you hire. These can be set at the option of sign-in.
This way, not even developers can do anything with your site.
• W3 Total Cache
When you are putting content on the pages of your site, it definitely takes a toll on your site depending on the size and type of content that you are posting on your site. Well, to ensure that the loading time is decreased and the content that you want others to see is visible quickly, you can simply use the cache plugin.
Speeding up your site is very important and W3 Total Cache plays an effective role in increasing the speed of your website. It is considered one of the best WP content plugins.
WP Super Cache
In terms of speed, this plugin is not that behind and the function is almost the same actually. It also decreases the time which your site takes to load due to all the content that is loaded on the pages.
It offers an immense boost to the speed while ensuring that your website is ranked better in terms of content. Bloggers value the ranking of their website and content a lot and it is important for them to maintain the high speed of their site. This plugin helps you a lot when you need to lower the loading time.
Google Analytics
Obviously, you need nothing in more amount than just the data when you need to make decisions about your site. Data plays an important role in offering you a boost that you need to make an adjustment in your online marketing.
Furthermore, you don’t need just the data, you need reliable data which is offered by Google Analytics. This plugin just stays in the background until you really need it and deliver the information which you require at the moment.
Nelio AB Testing
Actually, you don’t know which design suits better with your content. Well, why don’t you let the Nelio AB testing WP content plugin?
This way, it becomes a lot more easier for you to understand just which option performs better for you. After all, sometimes the poor style can affect the rate of conversion and you don’t want that to happen. Now, you don’t have to worry about anything like that since you are using this specific plugin.
WP Subscribe Pro
It is one of the most recommended plugins that works with MailChimp and offers color controls with popup animations. What makes it even more preferable is that it doesn’t decrease the speed of your website at all.
This WP content plugin which features email subscription form management is considered one of the best.
Yoast SEO
You already might know that search engine optimization is more than just a little important for your site as a blogger. When you are using the Yoast SEO plugin, all the difficult that you face disappears.
It analyzes your site and the content that you are using before giving you the score.
• WP Touch
WP Touch is an important WP content plugin that ensures that your site is properly responsive. No matter which device is using your site, it performs effectively.
This is the bonus that you get with this plugin.
Content Scheduler
You can say that we are personally recommending this plugin because it helps you improve your marketing strategy by analyzing the content.
It makes sure that your content is living all the time.
• Share Buttons
Simply put, this plugin allows you to customize the number or amount of social networks which you want your viewers to look at.
Social Links
This plugin is preferred mainly because it covers almost all social media platforms while giving you more chances to interact with your community.
• Disqus
It is considered one of the best WP content plugin and a comment management plugin. It syncs all the comments to your database. It ensures that all of them are safe.
Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
This plugin makes sure that the readers spending their time on your content are not leaving the website by showing all related posts.
• WP Review
This WP content plugin is all about improving the ranking of your site and attracting more and more readers to your site.

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