17 Insane Astra Pro Features that will make Your Website Stand Out


It s a fact that any website’s success is based on its web design. The developers have to be extremely careful while designing a website as utility and the usability of the website is more important than its visual design. So, there are various WordPress Themes available to design websites with great utility and flexibility and one of the significant ones is Astra Pro. With these 17 features you will know if this awesome WordPress theme is for you. It is one of the most customizable and lightweight WordPress theme, which allows you to build websites more conveniently than ever before. It helps to create wonderful WebPages in WordPress with all the ease and flexibility. Astra Pro is developed with a purpose to create a great website with wonderful customization with its use of Hooks and Headers. The designers and developers can do more in less time with Astra Pro’s incredible ease of use.

Now, it is important to look at these 17 features to help you in your discussion making process. The given points will keep you updated on the Astra Pro, which thousands have use to make their WordPress website outstanding.

  1. WordPress Designing with Low Cost

One of the insane features of Astra Pro is its low costs, whereas we know that website development can be costly. But Astra Pro comes with so many options and choices, but with affordable costs, which means that anyone can be able to enjoy great benefits provided by Astra Pro in website designing.

  1. Painless Web Designing

We all know that developing and building a website can be a painful process with so many designing and coding. But Astra Pro is here to keep all your pains and worries away and helps you to create beautiful websites without any fuss. So, if you are looking for painless web designing, Astra Pro is the choice to opt without any hesitation.

  1. Different Sites Layouts

When a new website is developed, it is always difficult to start the process, because you are not clear in your mind which layout will be perfect. But Astra Pro has made things quite easy for you by giving you a great feature of different site layouts. How you want to create the structure of your website. Therefore, when you get a wider variety of templates to select from you can rest assure that you’ll find something that meets your needs.

  1. The Choice of Customization

Astra Pro provides great choice and options of customization as per your needs. The website for different niche will need different features and Astra Pro has everything for all kind of websites. The users are given choices to make various changes in website design and its structure as well as choosing a color scheme, which suits their needs. In Astra Pro theme web page design has a wide range of options, many for the users to customize based on their specifications.

  1. Updated Typography

The fonts are important to the visual aspect of your site. Some fonts may not please the eyes of users and may be difficult to read as well. However, Astra Pro has a solution for these problems as well because it provided better and updated typography options. It has many typography options to choose from and helps you to come up with typography, which makes your website stand out. The great news is that more than 800 Google fonts have been provided in the Astra Pro list of fonts.

  1. Different Backgrounds with Range of Colours

Astra Pro allows you to manage any website area with the required background and color. There can be different sections of your website, which needs different colors and backgrounds. So, Astra Pro theme has it all for you to choose from its wide variety of backgrounds and colours for each section of your website.

  1. Compatibility with Mobiles

It is a fact that a number of mobile users are growing as fast as anything. The users like to visit websites from their smartphones because it is more convenient for them. The great thing about Astra Pro is that it has great compatibility with mobile phones and tablets. It allows integrating design, which is easily accessible and readable on mobiles. Astra Pro has the ability to fit in different screens sizes so that users can enjoy a visit to your website even from their phones, tablets or Notebook.

  1. Easy and Fast Navigation

The users like to stay for more time on those websites, which have easy as well as fast navigation options. The website page should have easy navigation options with a proper hierarchy of options so that users can find relevant information as quickly as possible. Astra Pro allows developers to build a website with easy and fast navigation options by providing options like global headers.

  1. Loading Time

The other insane feature of Astra Pro is its loading time, which is quite less than many other available WordPress themes. It is a fact that if it will take more time to load a website, then users may leave the page and look for other options. But Astra Pro is lightning fast in this regard as its convenient and simple design allows website loading with less time so that users can always have a great experience of visiting a website build with Astra Pro.

  1. Layouts for Blogs

There are countless blogs on the internet and more are coming with each passing day. So, what bloggers need is a website layout design, which suits their niche. You can develop beautiful and attractive blogs with so many options of blog layouts provided by Astra Pro. The trendy layout designs for blogs are great facility given by Astra Pr to its users.

  1. Multiple Designs for Headers

Headers are one of the most important elements of a website as they are more visual than any other thing. Astra Pro allows users to choose different options in terms of headers with so much variety. You can place headers, where you want like above or below the primary header or you can also make headers, which are sticky as well as transparent.

  1. Footer Layouts with Flexibility

As mentioned earlier that Astra Pro provides great customization, and this customization is also available with footer layouts as well. A website may needs footers with a variety of Columns, which can easily describe the elements of a website. With Astra Pro, developers can have flexibility in choosing footer layouts with one, two or five columns having a variety of design options.

  1. Integration with WooCommerce

The numbers of online stores are increasing with the passage of time as users like to visit online stores for their shopping. The people like to visit online stores, which provide convenience and easy navigation. Astra Pro is integrated with WooCommerce so that you can easily build your online store with required options. Astra Pro has great ability to provide the best shopping experience through its fast loading features.

  1. Integration with LifterLMS

The number of online learning platforms is also increasing rapidly as people are opting for these online learning platforms. So, if you have a plan to develop a website for an online learning program, then Astra Pro is the best option for you as it is integrated with LifterLMS, which allows users to make a required design for your website. It has many great features such as targeted learning as well as distraction free learning for better conversion rates.

  1. User-Friendly Menu and Spacing Control

Astra Pro is a wonderful option to choose in terms of providing mega options in developing a menu for your website. You can make an interactive menu for your website, which is not only user-friendly but attractive as well. Moreover, the menu, as well as content, can be controlled with proper spacing so that your website looks in order and attract visitors.

  1. Timely Updates and Support

Astra Pro is also unique in this regard. The website designers and developers have to remain updated on new changes and options in WordPress themes. The great thing about Astra pro is that its users are timely updated on anything new or added to the theme. Moreover, the users are given complete support by Astra Pro so that they can mitigate any issues or confusions, which they have.

  1. White Label

With Astra Pro, you can design and build your website with your own brand. Astra Pro provided great options with the help of the white label, which allows you to have more options and flexibility.

The WordPress website building and designing process can be so easy, simple and flexible with the help of 17 insane features provided by Astra Pro theme. Whatever is required to make a suitable website for your business or blog, you will get everything with Astra Pro. Different options in terms of design, layouts, headers, footers, and colors etc allow developers to develop great websites with a wonderful and attractive design with complete customization, which can provide great user experience to your visitors.

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