15 Essential WordPress Business Directory Plugin for Your Small Business

Maybe you wish to create your own business directory and want to know some of the best WordPress business directory plugins?
There are various options available actually for you. Some of them are free while some of them are paid which makes it quite tough to choose the one that fulfills your requirements. In this post, you will be amazed to know that we have gathered some of the best 15 directory plugins for you.
Now, you only have to choose and start transforming your simple website. Read on to get to the plugin that is made just for you.
• GeoCraft V2 Business Directory WordPress Theme
It is WordPress theme that features business directory along with a surefire strategy for building a directory site for you with just some clicks. You would be surprised to know that the whole process only takes few minutes. If you want to grab money as soon as possible, this WordPress template assures that you are making money quickly. You can use it for almost any business niche like health center, shops and so on.
GeoCraft is quite simple to use and you don’t need to watch a special video to start working with it. All that you have to contribute are just some clicks and have your business customized. The best thing is that you don’t have to get into the usual technical hassle.
• Business Directory Plugin
You can say that Business Directory Plugin is for all those who want a free and reliable tool for their website. It is one of the best that we have to enlist here. Among the users of WordPress, it is quite popular and you can create business provider listing, directory listing sites, and even local listing sites with it.
This plugin is completely responsive and you can customize it according to your needs. Furthermore, it supports reCAPTCHA which places it in the list of best WordPress business directory plugins. You can smile widely because it supports recurring payments as well.
GeoDirectory Plugin
It is one of the free and latest WordPress business directory plugins which set up a Directory site that is online using the Geographic location. You can fully enjoy millions of listings because it has the capability to hold them all. Moreover, it offers you countless options for customization.
Not only it is fully responsive but it is compatible with WordPress Multisite as well. It is completely responsive and has a built-in review system. You can easily place widgets that you deem perfect for your site as it supports 12+ widget areas. Additionally, it has a widget of Google Analytics as well.
Connections Business Directory Plugin
You can say that when it comes to the market, Connections Business Directory is one of the best WordPress business directory plugins commonly available. It can work efficiently with almost any kind of WordPress theme. What makes it perfect is the fact that it is SEO friendly and helps in reaching the target customers.
Connections Business Directory is highly extensible and can export the data that you need. You can set this plugin in any language that you understand since it supports almost 20 languages. Furthermore, you can set custom privacy levels.
• Simple Directory Plugin
Nah, it is just as the name suggests. You get a simple plugin that offers an easier way of creating your desired directories like address books and local directory etc. Unlike many others, this fish is quite easy and quick to use. If you have some knowledge about WordPress themes, you would come to realize just how simplistic this plugin really is.
You get custom templates with the Simple Directory Plugin and it exhibits a complete listing version that you can enjoy. It displays the listing in accordance with the category.
• Gravity Forms Directory Plugin
Gravity Forms Directory Plugin is one of the most user-friendly WordPress business directory plugins that you can find. The best thing that we find about it is its suitability to beginners. Yes! You don’t need to be an expert to use this plugin. It allows users to add the forms of contacts to their existing sites and create a business directory on the basis of web.
You would find it quiet satiable that it displays entries to only the creator. Users can edit the directory if they are logged in. Simply using short-codes, you can operate it. For an uploaded image, it supports lightboxes. Moreover, it features pagination which is adored by its users.
• BePro Listings Plugin
What places BePro Listings Plugin into this list is the fact that it permits frontend submissions while creating a backend and frontend directory. If you want your every task to be quick and agile, you will find this plugin efficient because it has a very simple procedure of setup. It only takes a few seconds and nothing else.
With this plugin, you can accept payments and upload CSV while allowing users to search. Every detail and listing page is fully responsive and you can enjoy many other aspects with it.
Sabai Directory Plugin
If you want elegance, it would be smart to use Sabai Directory Plugin because it allows you to create breathtaking directories. It is premium plugin with the main capability lying in the fact it is aimed towards nothing but business directories. You can find its examples in the form of Yahoo!, Yelp, and Google+ Places.
What we find interesting about it is its ability to create multiple directories. There are different views for the listing such as map, grid, and even list. There are some other aspects like commenting options and bookmarking of listings as well.
• WordPress Directory Plugin
You can consider WordPress Directory Plugin one of the top quality plugins that allows users to make their virtual directory site. There is a default theme and you can use it to create your site in a simple and easy manner.
The theme that comes with it is quite simple and you can easily customize it. Even the tags and categories are customizable while you can accept payments. You can simply automate the payments into annually, daily, and even monthly.
Web 2.0 Directory Plugin
If we talk about premium plugins, Web 2.0 Directory Plugin has a prominent place in such a category. It is fully responsive and permits users to make just about any type of virtual directory site.
There are several benefits that come with the Web 2.0 Directory Plugin. You can easily manage invoices, restrict ads, use PayPal, and stripe the service of payment. It features the RTL functionality and is compatible with other plugins as well.
Name Directory-WordPress Directory Plugin
If you want to create an address or a name directory, you should think about using this WordPress business directory plugin. You can use this basically for creating website on the basis of site, or a directory that features contacts.
The listings on the site will be visible in the form of nothing but glossaries. You don’t have to worry about the editing of this directory plugin because it is quite easy. What is more is that it is free and you can download it simply to use it. You can say that the installation is quite easy and you can always customize it according to your requirements.
• Directory Pro – WordPress Directory Plugin
You can say that it is a premium fish and you have to pay to use it. Though it is expensive, you get to enjoy several aspects. The diversity of features that you seem to get is one of the reasons why Directory Pro is one of the best WordPress business directory plugins. It is a straightforward plugin that doesn’t need you to indulge yourself in a hassle. It isn’t troublesome at all to use this plugin.
This plugin supports PayPal and Stripe along with a Visual composer which increases the overall taste that you get with this fish. All the features that it has, they seem to support your earning and what makes it even more perfect is the fact that it is SEO friendly.
Posts Table Pro WordPress Directory Plugin
It is the perfect plugin because it is quite flexible and you can create any directory using it. Since the view of listings is customizable, you can change it from a grid to table layout. There are filters and keyboard search as well. You can easily control the information that is displayed in the directory and how users will get to the information that they need.
In order to help you out with the setup, you can simply go through the deep tutorials. There are different types of directories and you can choose between them. It is the one of the reasons why we have chosen this WordPress business directory plugin since it is quite simple to install and use.
Many seem to use to Gravity Forms for adding forms like Forms of Contact. Actually, loads of data are collected by these forms. Using the GravityView plugin, you can simply display this data in Google Maps, Data tables, List View, and Table view for serving as directories.
This plugin is quite simple to use as if you are chewing a candy. It is very easy to search entries, filter entries, and sort columns while rejecting entries. If you want an entry to be featured, you can simply add a star.
WP LocalPlus
There are times when you don’t want to do anything by yourself. You just want to click and watch as the tea is prepared. Well, this plugin is just for all those who seem to love automated plugins. You can use it to create local business directories which are filled with content. Moreover, you can even include coupon offers and reviews!
To make sure that your content is always clear and fresh, it has auto feature of updates along with the auto generation. You can even create business listings which are customizable and high-powered.
So, here you have 15 essential WordPress business directory plugins for your small business.

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