SEO! What Will and Won’t Work in 2022


It is very important for websites to be among the top 5 positions on the first result page. For this reason, Search Engine Optimization becomes necessary but the wrong direction can sometimes produce wrong results as well.

Thus, you should know the right steps and the right strategy to utilize SEO effectively.

In this article, we will be discussing what you should really be doing with search engine optimization and how you can optimize your website efficiently.

Tip # 1 Focus on blogging

Google ranks the sites that post fresh content. In other words, blog posts play an important role in bringing you to the top.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should just start blogging without any direction. There are countless blog posts available on the internet and they are not fresh anymore. That is why you have to create something new that people will love to read.

Rather than just writing some random blog post, it is better if you stay true to one niche and post consistently. This is where the cliché “Consistency is key” has never been more true. When you build topic authority, your viewers will be more inclined to comment, engage, and even share an interesting article.

After all, the internet is full of blogs that don’t mean anything and people are craving for new and engaging content.

Tip # 2 Create a brand

Your aim must be to develop a brand that is not playing with visitors like other brands. There are limitless brands out there doing nothing but just writing about things which are not even realistic. Simply put, they are writing about things which are not meaningful to the traffic.

You should be different and create honest relationships with your visitors. It is not difficult at all because you only have to ensure that you are keeping your topics interesting and realistic. For example, you shouldn’t try to write about fairy tales one minute and the next minute you are writing about ways to reduce cholesterol.

Other ways to create strong bonds with your audience is to take both an offline and online approaches. It might be difficult to believe but what you are doing offline also seems to affect your ranking and traffic.

Therefore, it is quite important to ensure that you are taking an Omni-approach.

Tip # 3 You should build links more than ever

Link building is a very important part of SEO. The landscape of link building and SEO is never static and now, the importance of link building is more than ever. And the necessity to implement and understand top-notch campaigns is crucial if you must thrive and compete online.

Just like we told you above, there are countless blog posts and link building is at its peak but you shouldn’t join them like that. Rather than simply building links, you should get a feature of link interest in ahrefs. It will tell you what you need to know about your own site and competitors simply.

Tip # 4 Ensure that your site speed is good

Online users visit the sites which are responsive and fast. If a page is taking time to load, they will just leave the site and check out another one. That is why it is important to raise the speed of your site.

There are numerous users using Google on their mobile phones. With the high speed of the internet, you have to make sure that your site is not lagging. Your pages must load faster whether a user is using a desktop or a mobile phone to access your site.

Would you spend your time on a site that is taking a lot of time just to display results? Definitely not, it will waste your precious time.

That is why you should use Google PageSpeed, it will tell you about your pages. This way, you can fix anything that is keeping the traffic away.

SEO! What Will and Won’t Work. 2019 – wpgosocial

You might already know that voice search has become quite popular with internet users.

Rather than typing manually, they find it convenient to just ask a question. This is a completely different way of being ranked and it needs you to do more than just write content.

We are sure that in the upcoming, the popularity of voice search will increase even more. Therefore, it is better that you do something about it as well.

In order to rank your website in the results of voice search, you should try adding schema markups to the backend of your website for all post and pages.

Tip # 6 Keep your content up to date

You should know that Google doesn’t like old content. It needs fresh and informative content that can offer what visitors need.

Since there are many other blogs available on the internet, most of the topics have already been covered. Furthermore, the information stays just like it is at the moment. You should be introducing changes every now and then.

Try to write new and update your visitors with fresh content. It will help your site stay at the very top.

So, here you have 6 tips that tell you what you should be doing with SEO. If you are following them properly, you will be able to boost your traffic very quickly.

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