9 must know beaver themer capabilities


It is actually an add-on for the Beaver Builder. You get to experience a globe full of possibilities and they can be enhanced when have 9 must know beaver themer capabilities at your arsenal.
Now, you can take Beaver Builder to another higher level. Beaver Themer allows you to make stunning and creative layouts for search pages, 404, whole post type, and design parts like the footers and headers. Meanwhile, field connections give you the power to interlink your layouts to the data that exists in each and every type of template.
Using the Beaver Themer, you can shorten the gap between your themes and your pages. In only a little time, you can create blog layouts, footers, headers, and countless others using the same builder interface that you have come to adore.
With the following capabilities, you can enhance your theme-making even more!

• Theme templates and theme parts

When it comes to theme templates, they actually allow you to make designs and layouts for several things like your WooCommerce Products, CPTs, and blog archive. What is even more surprising is that you can now build one for your 404 page as well and give it a creative look.
On the other hand, theme parts give you the capability of creating partial layouts. This feature is quite liked by us because partial layouts don’t take a longer time to build and they enhance your pages as well. For instance, you can create footers and headers and highlight them on any page of your site.

• Field connections and post grids

When you are using the Beaver Themer, you get the accessibility of using field connections. The main function of these connections is to give you liberty to plug your templates of your themes along with parts into the data that is underlying in each post or page. This interconnection is made very easy with the capability of field connections.
If we talk about post grids, they offer you the ability to take your blog pages and archive pages to another level with complete manipulation over how each and every post in grids or lists displayed when a customer is using the site.

• Connecting data and reusing layouts limitlessly

If you remember, you have always been capable of putting static content into your designs and layouts but what would happen if you wish to illustrate information regarding your website or dynamic data from the current post.
When you are using the Beaver Themer, field connections give you the power to bind your row settings or module directly to the data that you require at the moment. Therefore, you can easily apply a single design or layout to custom posts, pages, and even multiple posts!

• Text and images

Using the text capability of text, you can interlink the text fields to almost anything form the name of the author of the current page to the title of your website. Don’t you find it easier than ever before?
Now you might be wondering just what it is about images which make them appear here, right? Well, using this feature, you are able to connect the fields of your photos to the product images, featured image of the post, and many more. After all, you have more than just a few options!

• Links and Custom Fields

You may have found connecting urls to link fields very difficult before but now, you don’t have to worry about anything like that. Using the Beaver Themer, it becomes very easy for you to connect urls to link fields like the permalink of the current post or the url of main site.
Meanwhile, custom fields offer you a whole different ability. You can connect metadata easily using the custom fields of WordPress or also a plugin like the Advanced Custom Fields. If you find it difficult to understand, you can simply watch the video tutorial.

• More power

There are times when you think that the current power is not fully supporting your work and you need more power but you are unable to fulfill this wish of yours. Well, this requirement of yours is fulfilled now with the developer-friendly APIs of the Beaver Themer.
If you felt restrictions before to create new field connections, you don’t have to feel them anymore because developers can expand the system of field connections just to add their own properties. This way, they are able to create new field connections which are unique to only them.

• Compatibility of the Beaver Themer

Now, you might think that Beaver Themer might work individually but that is not how it works. To make sure that you are enjoying every feature of the add-on, you must have the premium Page Builder version. Otherwise, it will not work for you.
Some try to use it with the lite version but it doesn’t seem to work. Obviously, it is a catch and you have to purchase the premium version of the builder to use it.

• Limitless sites

When you are using the Beaver Themer, you don’t have to worry about the number of sites on which you can use it. Since it works with the premium Page Builder, there is no limit to the number of websites on which it can be implemented.

• Separate purchasing

When you are using the Page Builder, you might feel a lack of aspects that you can use and might wish to purchase a package to enjoy using the Beaver Themer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any of the package that you might be seeking. The user has to purchase the add-on separately for usage.
Nonetheless, the price that you pay is worth all the features that you get!

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