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You would actually be making one of the best decisions if you are thinking about implementing a WooCommerce dynamic pricing in your strategy of pricing. It would boost your marketing strategy a lot. You can say that dynamic pricing has the main aim of offering advanced deals like category based discounts and BOGO deals. There are many other options available for you and you can enjoy all of them with a dynamic pricing extension. Using it, you can deliver some of the best pricing deals to your consumers just to give a drastic rise to your sales.
Since you face a hard time gathering all the information on extension, we have compiled some of the best extensions that you can use. They offer a broad range of features and benefits and you don’t have to spend that much money as well! So, read on and get to the extension which seem ideal for your requirements.
Just read on carefully and choose.

• WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing

This extension or WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing is actually the native extension which is being offered by WooCommerce itself. There are several features that come with it and you can create role based, category based, and even advanced product pricing.
The benefit of using WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing is that unlike many other extensions, it is not handled by a third-party and you can configure following rules:
Giving a discount of 10 percent when 5 or more than five product names are purchased by shoppers. Again, giving a discount of 10 percent to all the items which are present in the category of T-Shirts.
When you are using WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing extension, you don’t have to worry about your money being at a stake because you have liberty of getting your money back in the duration of 30 days if you are not satisfied with how the extension seems to work. If we talk about its features, some of them include advanced product pricing, simple role based pricing, advanced pricing of category, and simple pricing of category.
It is a native extension of WooCommerce and very easy to use. Packed up with the money-back guarantee, it proves to be more beneficial than you can ever imagine. Its cons include the fact that it has a very high cost when compared to other extensions and doesn’t offer advanced pricing like discounts on the basis of location and data. Furthermore, it doesn’t offer a pricing table on the storefront.

• WooCommerce Discount Rules

This extension or WooCommerce Discount Rules is renowned as simply Woo Discount Rules and it is a free plugin. One of the major reasons why it has the second position is its free state and you don’t have to purchase the premium version just to enjoy the normal features. Although it is available in both free and premium versions, you don’t have to spend your money just to fulfill the basic requirements. For most kinds of discounts and pricing, this extension is the most suitable.
All you have to do is think about a discount and file the type which you are looking for. It is just as simple as that.
With WooCommerce Discount Rules, you get product, price, and percentage discounts. Moreover, you get to enjoy category based pricing, dynamic pricing in the same rule, and the option of cumulative discount. If we are talking about its pros, the most prominent one is the availability of free version. Meanwhile, the premium version is also very cheap and the customer support is awesome. With this WooCommerce dynamic pricing extension, you also get the money-back guarantee.
There are no cons to be honest because it is perfect in every sense.

• WISDM Customer Specific Pricing

There are times when we don’t have sufficient words for describing the uniqueness of a product. This one is one of them because WISDM Customer Specific Pricing is the only extension available on the market which allows you to adjust custom prices or rates for your groups, user roles, and customers on the basis of product category, bulk amount, and product.
Being developed by WisdmLabs, this extension is quite simple to use and offers a smart pricing manager for setting prices without any complications.
On the topic of benefits, there are many that we can list but at the moment, we will be describing only a few. For starters, you can get to enjoy discount rules for user roles, specific customers, and user groups. Moreover, you get category based discounts, flat or percentage rate discount, and the ability to adjust minimum quantity for getting a discount.
Compared to other extensions, this one is very affordable even for its premium version. It is quite easy and offers the fastest way to set prices of bulk. Its capability is enhanced by the fact that it is robust and light-weight. The only con that we could find about this extension was that it has way too many features.

• WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts by RightPress

When it comes to WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts by RightPress, you have to forget about the affordability because it is not a free extension. However, the price that you pay is worth the benefits that you come to enjoy with this dynamic pricing extension. It allows you to adjust the price of product on the basis of some specific rules. Furthermore, you can target a whole shop, a certain variation, and anything that seems to fall in between.
With the diversity of rules and options, you can easily ensure that only the right one is applied at a single time.
With this WooCommerce dynamic pricing extension, you get to enjoy tiered pricing, bulk pricing, and price discounts. You can easily group the available products with category discounts while excluding the items which seem to match with each other. Another advanced feature that you get to use with this extension is that it offers location and date based pricing.
Its cons are limited to the unavailability of a free version and a pricing table on the storefront.

• YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

It can be said indeed that YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts gives you the ability to design ad hoc promotions for catching the attention of your consumers and ensuring that they are converting into your loyal customers over a specific time period. Just like above, this extension also has the same features.
With this WooCommerce dynamic pricing extension, you get tags and category based pricing, discount on the price of product, customer specific discounts, highlighting the cheapest price for a certain product, ability to leave items for a specific rule, quantity based discounts, and the capability of setting rules of discounts as cumulative.
One of the huge advantages that you get to enjoy with this extension is that it is very simple to use. The interface is not complex at all and you don’t have to read a catalog to begin as well. Furthermore, there is a free version available that you can always use for fulfilling your requirements. What places it so low is that features in the free version very less compared to the premium version.

• ELEX Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Extension for WooCommerce

This extension or ELEX Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin for WooCommerce allows you to simply apply dynamic prices and discounts at the category, combination, cart levels, and products. It offers you dynamic pricing without making you worry about the complex configuration and calculation on the admin panel. On the basis of flat discounts and percentage, you can easily implement complex rules and even set a new dynamic price without working too much.
What makes it different from all other WooCommerce dynamic pricing extensions is that this plugin is all about the special control that it offers to the owners of the store for setting a maximum limit of discount over every other rule.
Some of its features include pricing table on the page of product, table on the page of product, products based discounts, combination based discounts, and product category based discounts.
One of the major benefits that you get is that you are protected with one money money-back guarantee.

• WooCommerce Tiered Pricing

This WooCommerce dynamic pricing extension allows you to set prices on the basis of customized user roles and their numbers. You get liberty to define the roles of your users using the plugin of tiered pricing and set the prices for the roles which are present in a product.
Using WooCommerce Tiered Pricing, you can easily add as many roles as want using the mini role manager which is built-in. Moreover, you can remove an added role anytime you want. If you want, you can adjust individual prices for any of the roles that you find suitable. It works just fine with the Dynamic Discounts plugin and Product Add-on Forms plugin.
So, here you have a list of 7 great WooCommerce dynamic pricing extensions. Now, you can easily pick the one which satiates your thirst.

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