15 Key Benefits of Convert Pro to Boost your Conversion


Do you want to know how you can convert your traffic into customers? Read on!

It is believed that appearing at the very top is the main thing and it eventually increases sales and generates more leads. However, it is far from the truth. You don’t need only the traffic to raise your revenues. The important thing is that whether this traffic is being converted into loyal customers or not.

When you use Convert Pro, you are guaranteed to experience a boost in your customers and subscribers. Without wasting more time, let’s tell you about the 15 most important benefits of this amazing tool.

1. Mobile Editor

With the changing world, you don’t have to stick to the design that is visible only on a desktop system. Most of the individuals now don’t use a laptop because they are carrying a smartphone in their pockets. They simply use it to reach the world and view sites. Convert Pro gives you the freedom to customize and design everything. You can easily make modifications and edits which are mobile responsive. This allows you to attract mobile users and convert them into your customers.

2. Drag and Drop accessibility

You already know that attracting traffic and fascinating them requires good design. Usually, creating an eye-catching design is very difficult due to the limitations. You have to build from scratch and that consumes not only time but also energy. When you are using Convert Pro, there is no limitation to designing.

You have the access to several elements and you can place them anywhere you want. Once you have customized them, all you have to do is pick the one which you want and place where it is needed.

3. High Converting Templates

One of the most difficult tasks is to create a template from scratch. You have to choose the design, the message, and where it should fit. All of this is quite troublesome to design in a little time. This approach changes when it comes to using Convert Pro. There are pre-designed templates available to facilitate you.

If you have a specific style in your mind, you only have to create only once. Conversion is made easy when you can place the template anywhere you want. It takes only a few minutes!

4. Advanced Triggers for Displaying Time-Sensitive Messages

If you are worried about your sales, you should know that an important role is played in the conversion of traffic by timing. If you know the layout of your site, you would know the time or instance when a visitor feels enchanted and might be converted.

When you are displaying an interesting converting message at the time, it actually increases the possibility of visitors being converted to customers. It also gives you the chance to create an email list that is healthy and raise your sales. Therefore, it is crucial to know when and where the visitor might be compelled to become your follower.

5. Advanced A/B Testing

Using the Convert Pro plugin, you can compare several forms of opt-in and determine which one works in a better way with the audience. Yup! You get the ability to test.

Creating designs is quite simple and you can easily compare them to understand which one performs better. It helps you a lot in making informed decisions and increasing the rate of conversion. If you want, you can create two designs and compare. There is no limitation as you can compare more than two designs as well. You even get the facility of testing inter styles!

6. Page Level Targeting

Usually, the relevancy of opt-in forms and pages is not kept. It is hard to believe that when irrelevant forms are displayed, it disappoints the visitor. The irrelevancy of pages prompts the visitors away from your site. You have to make sure that you are categorizing accurate opt-in forms on only the pages where they fit.

Using the Convert Pro plugin, you get the aspect of page level targeting which ensures that you are adjusting opt-in forms on the pages where they seem fit. It helps you in pursuing visitors into becoming your customers. 7. Device Detection

You know that different devices are accessing your website. Some users are surfing through your site via their laptops while some are using mobile phones. Normally, the opt-in forms which are made for laptop users don’t work well for the mobile users. You have to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

When you are using the Convert Pro plugin, it gives you the ability to recognize devices. When you know what type of device is being used on your site, you can customize the pop-ups. This way, mobile users see the display which they find attractive which desktop users see the opt-in forms which they find appealing.

8. Old vs. New Visitors

What if you make old visitors see the same thing again? Simply put, they will lose their interest and will leave your site. This possibility is evaded with the feature of old vs. new visitors that you get with Convert Pro.

Using this tool, you are able to determine which visitor is new and which one is old. Once you know an old visitor is present on your site, you can make them see new and interesting designs. This way, you will be able to make the anchoring strong.

9. Google Analytics Integration

It is important to track real-time conversations and impressions. Usually, it is quite difficult to track them but when you are using Convert Pro, it becomes quite simple. You can simply integrate the account of Google Analytics and Convert Pro.

This way, you can always be in touch with the current progress and insights.

10. Import Outcomes to WordPress

If you are using WordPress, you have better access to every element of your website. It is tough to view the graphs and results of your site but with Convert Pro, it is quite simple. You can simply connect Convert Pro with your data analytics for viewing the demographics in WordPress.

11. Fully Responsive Designs

The responsiveness of your opt-in forms is very important because they determine the impression which is casted on visitors. For instance, if your designs are not actively working, it will actually make the visitor think that the site is not good or functional. You have to make sure that every animation is proper and responsive. You can do this by using Convert Pro.

When you are using this tool, you can make sure that every opt-in form is fit for the devices they are being viewed on. This way, all opt-in forms are fully functional and responsive on the device which is used for accessing the site.

12. Popups for Specific Devices

Sometimes you want mobile users to view some specific messages while you want the desktop and other users to see other messages. Simply put, you don’t want everyone to see the same thing. Well, this wish of yours is fulfilled with Convert Pro. You can easily design the popups which are more suitable for mobile users. Additionally, you can also create the ones which are viewed better on the desktop users.

Using Convert Pro is better when it comes to creating different popups for different devices.

13. Editable via Mobile Phone

The best thing about using Convert Pro is that you can edit every design using even your mobile phone. It means that there are no restrictions on the type of device which you need to use in changing the way how a pop up is being displayed.

If you think that a certain popup may look better if you modified it in a specific way, you can simply do so using your mobile phone. Additionally, this tool is compatible with all devices which makes it easy to customize the design and make your site always welcome customers.

14. Mailer Integrations

You can easily connect Convert Pro with different service providers of email marketing over the globe. The integration is quite easy and you start building your email list right away.

Indeed, the way you convert your traffic becomes simple with Convert Pro.

15. Email Notification

It is not only important to have a high converting opt-in. What is equally as important is your response time. Statistics show that your response time is also directly related to you converting potential customers into clients. This is where email notification becomes a critical part of the success of your business. The Convert Pro plugin can forward information from your opt-in form straight to your email. This will allow you to respond to potential clients within a few minute of them hitting submit on your website.


Getting your site to the top is not the only thing that you need.

What matters is the fact whether your traffic is being converted into your customers or not. With the use of Convert Pro, it becomes simple and effective to generate more leads and expand your revenues. After all, you can track just how fast traffic is being converted into customers.

11. Facilitating the testing of A/B

When you are tracking the conversion rate, conversions, and impressions, it becomes easier for you to choose between different pop-ups. You don’t know which one works better for a specific type of audience. However, when you are tracking the rate, you understand just which opt-in form can perform better for you.

It is not that facilitation is limited to only two designs. You can even test more than two designs after tracking their performance.

In conclusion I must say that Convert Pro is the most useful opt-in and conversion plugin that I have ever used. It is by far one of my favorite plugin, because the possibilities are endless with Convert Pro. If you have any questions leave a comment below. If you have used this WordPress plugin before I would like to know your thoughts on it. Is it the best thing since sliced bread or, is it just OK?

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