15 Best WordPress PDF Viewer that will impress Your Visitors


Do you want creative documents to be visible on your site? An efficient WordPress PDF Viewer is the best solution for you!

There are moments when you have a site and the PDF as well but you cannot make others view this file. In such situations, you can use a PDF viewer that can impress the traffic that visits your website. This way, every visitor of yours can flip pages and watch the content that they wish to see at your site while printing out documents, taking notes, and zooming in. There are some PDF plugins that offer other tools for the conversion of a blog post and whatsoever.

In simple words, a normal PDF viewer allows visitors to see the PDF as if they are not viewing it online but rather in their own computers. Other than just viewing the PDF, there are many other useful features that viewers can use. In the case of GeoDirectory some frontend form is developed for the people to make the lists according to their requirement. It also provides opportunity to the users to edit and drag the lists. There are 13 different types of the process that can be used for the construction of website fits. The website is helping the customers for their business and over 15 widgets

When to use a PDF Viewer Plugin?

There are many reasons why it is better to use a WordPress PDP Viewer and some of them are:

When you have an important file in the form of a PDF and you don’t want to waste your time rewriting it or reformatting it. There are times when we have files which we don’t want to risk and use their PDF forms. Such files consume a lot of time to write and we cannot think about writing them again. Some documents don’t look fine when we use them in the form of blogs and pages, in other words, they just look silly. Such documents are finely crafted and it is a waste to use them in the form of blogs. That is why it is better to view them through the PDF viewer because it increases the creativity and visual experience.
Usually, when we are posting documents in blogs or articles, people can simply copy the links that are mentioned in the posts. Not all the links are to be made public and it is important to keep them confidential. Normally, PDFs are editable but changing it slightly, you can secure the PDF so that all the links that you mention are secure and no one can copy them. It simply makes them harder to change and modify.
There are some documents which are made for almost every visitor and it is hard using them through blogs. For instance, a contract can be downloaded by almost every other person and used easily in the form of PDF.
Sometimes you don’t want to share the content that you are posting on the site and not have search engines discover it. If you want an example, you can simply look at an eBook where the content is protected.
If you already have some content on your site in the form of posts, you can simply turn them confidential using the WordPress PDF viewer. It will allow you to turn your normal content into an eBook and keep it safe.

The sharing documentation can be done by different estate agents and it is discoverable through the search engines. The use of Geo directory is based on the theme and the powerful plugins. The wide range of plugins are provided to the users along with add-on for the reviews, pricing, multilocation, and the integration of Buddy press. WordPress business directory plugin compiles the SEO factors for the featured listing process. The theme of the WordPress directory is to have connections with the business directory and to use the payment gateway. The google maps and other extensions can be used for the email notification and to create the fields.

List of best WordPress PDF viewer plugins

The PDF embedder is a free plugin that provides different sort of features and works for the majority of the features. The quick upload button is provided that is embed function and the navigation button.

Google Doc Embedder

The google Doc embedder is a PDF viewer plugin that provides support to the visitors to download information for the different formats. The google Doc embedder provides support to the Adobe Illustrator, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, and spreadsheet. The developers can test the documents and embedded files in the wordpress website.

PDF Viewer for WordPress

The PDF viewer for WordPress can be obtained in $17 and the access is provided to most of the viewer features. The PDF viewer provided by the wordpress is beautiful as well as provides feature rich viewer plugin in the market. The plugin provides quick embed function and the function have complete supports for the sizes and PDF files.

PDF.js Viewer Shortcode

The PDF viewer Shortcode is still no slouch and displays the PDFs in a beautiful manner. The user side is different for all the top spot. The frame is elegant, and the document provides outline to the users so the user can jump from one page to another.

WP Booklet

The wonder Plugin PDF works more efficiently by using Mozilla’s PDF.js. The website provides light popup box, print buttons and beautiful download buttons. The WordPress PDF viewer plugin

provides the files in different percentage and pixel. The host can provide same Domain, creates absolute URL and makes the characters more special.


The flow paper has some serious developing techniques and methods with whom your PDF file looks read able not just like a newspaper but in a professional way that appeals more to your users. The PDF file developed by the flow paper is effortlessly easy to understand and well build from every side.

Vanilla PDF Embed

The WordPress PDF viewer is known as Vanilla due to some causes. It provides interface and drop of post for the bells and the whistles. The accurate premium version is not provided but the page provides the users with different methods such as searching, zooming, printing and then jumping from one sort of PDF embed plug.

PDF Viewer

The PDF viewer plugin is provided with the different buttons for the appropriate management. The developers can manage the plugin and to recommend it for users at the lower cost. as the developers have stopped

PDF and Print by BestWebSoft

All the WordPress PDF plugins does not work as WordPress PDF viewers. Some of them work as converters that enables to open the PDF in different formats and blogpost can be switched. The users can convert the PDE to the print by the plugins. The direct conversion becomes more favorable for the website.

PDF Tab for WooCommerce

The PDF Tab for WooCommerce is another WordPress PDF plugin that provides download button and the commerce product page. Some of the product information is provided in the protected way and the user can make documentation and then can duplicate it.

Real3D FlipBook WordPress Plugin

The real 3D provides the pretty and over skill design for the WordPress Plugin. The Real3D can be used for making of online magazine and provides pamphlets containing different images and the online magazines. The 1. Real3D FlipBook WordPress Plugin is provided for customers and clients.

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