5 best currency converter widget in WordPress

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Are you searching for a plugin that can help you in the conversion of currencies on your website?
Countless people seem to use currency converters for the online conversion of currencies. Websites which are focusing on the exchange of currencies often seem to struggle whenever it comes to trading. At such moments, these currency widgets prove to be more than just a little helpful by offering exchange rates.
Without any further due, let’s dive into the best converter widgets!
CBX-WordPress Currency Exchange Rate Plugin
You can say that it is the universality of CBX Converter in displaying current rate of exchange and converting the currency. Keeping the diversity of currency rates, this plugin has been designed to help sites with numerous features.
It features Google Finance and offers you exchange rates from it. Additionally, it permits you to combine with Ecommerce plugins and WooCommerce. CBX converter is very simple to customize and you can set it according to your requirements. Unlike many converters, you can save your data before deleting the plugin to have it available whenever you need it. With the availability of flags, it becomes easier for users to find their nations.
Multi-Currency – WordPress Plugin
Some users seem to love features which can make their work easy. Well, this converter is renowned because of the exemplary features that like exchange rates, display of prices, and conversion of currencies etc.
This plugin seems to support every other currency and you are not restricted at all. Reliable servers like Google Finance and Villa Theme.com are supports. There are further plans to add more trustworthy servers for the convenience of users.
Some of its features include formatting the price layout, automatically sensing the native currency, automatically updating exchange rates, customizing widgets, and providing precise price.
• Smart Currency Converter
In terms of conversion of currencies, this plugin is outstanding. It allows now only the user to translate into any language but offers exchange rates as well. Using the Yahoo finance, you can provide your users with the current exchange rates.
All contemporary browsers are supported by this plugin along with the fact that it is user-friendly in terms of configuration and installation. 157 currencies are supported by it and one can either make use of default exchange rates or customize them. It also permits users to choose the currency which they prefer.
All in one Currency Converter
This converter is considered one of the best converter plugins. It is equipped with effective features like choosing the currency and auto-update of the rates. Using the cache support, you can easily switch between currencies.
Furthermore, it features payments of PayPal and supports other platforms of payments as well.
You can add a switcher to using PHP function or short-codes. Also, it is completely customizable with the assistance of WordPress filters, JavaScript code, and CSS rules. It offers several free APIs of exchange rates including European Central Bank, Yahoo Finance, and many more. You can easily convert the price with the facility of converting the whole transaction as well.
Currency Switcher
Just as the name suggests, you can switch between currencies according to the needs of users with the assistance of Currency switcher of WooCommerce. This currency converter is very effective in terms of magnifying sales over different nations.
It is very easy to use and you can display this switcher in different ways like simple dropdown, wselect, chosen, and ddsclick.

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