11 Amazing Paid Member Subscriptions Features to Try Right Now

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The online world is full of variety. Website pages are developed for businesses, e-commerce, learning platforms, blogs etc. So, each type of website has its own needs and requirements in terms of its development.

So, there can be websites, which are specific for members only or people have to subscribe to those websites to become paid members to enjoy different features of that particular website. Therefore, Paid Member Subscriptions was developed, which is a WordPress membership plug-in, allowing you to create and develop a membership website.

Websites with Paid Member Subscriptions allow you to accept payments or restrict content to the members of the site. There may be some free stuff on the website as well, but there will also be some features, which will be available only to paid members.

Paid Member Subscriptions has several aspects for users to enjoy who avail the membership plug-in for WordPress website. The major benefit of the Paid Member Subscriptions is that you can integrate it with your new as well as existing WordPress website without any fuss. Here are 11 amazing features associated with Paid Member Subscription that you should try right now without wasting any time:


1. Free Basic Version

At present, it is all about earning through different tactics. However, the free basic version doesn’t need you to pay for even using the plugin. As the name suggests, this version is free and you there is nothing to pay for. As long as you want, you can enjoy free aspects and don’t imply any cost on your users as well.

The free basic version allows you to use the plugin without having to worry about charges because the major membership functions are included cost-free.

2. Additional charges on sign-up

Another important aspect of Paid Member Subscription is that you get to imply extra charges when users sign-up. Just like the name suggests, it is all about making users pay other charges than the default ones for the plan.

Simply put, you have a certain plan and users have to pay $10 to join for instance. However, they have to pay an additional charge of $5 when they sign-up. Yeah, you get the liberty to imply such charges on your users.

3. Content Restriction

Content Restriction is more or less a primary aspect that you get when you become a subscriber. Again, it means that you can limit the access of your users for certain pages. For instance, you don’t want your users to access a service without having to pay anything. Therefore, you can simply block this service until the user pays you the exact amount that you set.

You can allow page navigation, but restrict content on those pages, the content which is only for members etc. You can also restrict the custom type of posts. If you have an online shopping website, then you can restrict shopping pages, certain products of WooCommerce. Messages can also be restricted with content restriction option. The restricted content is exclusive for members only, which is the most important part of membership websites.

4. Management of Members and their Subscriptions

A wonderful feature that you get to enjoy with Paid Member Subscription is the management of members as well as their subscriptions. You can easily check and manage your members like how many members you have. Additionally, you can even review what subscription plan is opted by each member as different members opt for different subscription plans.

You can also easily manage your members with regarding their addition or removal. Any member can be added or removed from the subscribed members list. The subscription details of the members can also be edited as per requirement. Different subscription plans can be created in hierarchical order. For instance, if you want to upgrade the subscription plan of an existing member, you can do it with the help of Paid Member Subscriptions plugin.

5. Sign up Process or Free Trial

The overall subscription setup is the most important part of a membership website. But this task is made quite simple and easy with the help of Paid Member Subscription. Now, you can set up subscription process as required. For instance, if you want to give free trial for a certain period of time, then you can provide it. But if you want your users to sign up in the first instance, then you can also do it easily.

There can be other options that you first provide at a free trial for a few days, and then charge as per selected subscription plan. So, it gives you more control in managing subscription setup.

6. Management of Payments

It is important to understand that membership websites always come with a certain type of charges to pay so that you can get access to exclusive features and content of a website. So, the most critical feature of Paid Member Subscriptions is its management of payments, which needs to be safe and secure for the members.

What subscription plan is purchased by the user, you can manage payments through a payment management system. You can also track the payment history, record as well as payment status of the members. The payment management feature is one of the best ones to try in paid and restricted membership websites.

7. Managing Basic Reporting and Members Data

There are few basic things to be reported and managed for members on a membership website. For instance, how users are using their membership plan and what revenues are being earned through their subscriptions. Moreover, if users have changed their subscription plan, then what kind of changes has been made by them?

All data of members is managed from time to time and gives a complete overview of each member. The other great thing about Paid Member Subscriptions is that it allows exporting data of members. The exported data can be used for various purposes.

8. Restricting Products as well as WooCommerce Platform

The Paid Member Subscriptions can be integrated with WooCommerce platforms, which means that you can manage your online shopping website as per your needs. For instance, if you have premium shopping customers of your online shop, who have subscribed premium plan to get more exclusive products and discounts, then you can restrict the products, prices, and discounts only for those customers, and other customers won’t be able to see those products or discounts.

Moreover, you can also restrict products for some members, and allow others to have complete access to those products based on their subscription and membership plans.

9. Content Restriction for Global Users

We have already mentioned that Paid Member Subscriptions has a great feature of content restriction. But one thing, which is also important to mention here is the content restriction on a global scale. For instance, if you have certain products, which are considered illegal or prohibited in a certain country, then you can restrict those products for the members of that particular country.

Moreover, if you want to allow certain products to certain global members, then you can easily do it with Paid Member Subscription. It allows you more convenience because you don’t have to restrict each page or posts for members; rather it is done on the basis of geographic locations.

10. Filtering the Navigation Menu

With Paid Member Subscription, you can filter the navigation menu in your subscription plans for paid members. Particular items in the menu may not be for certain subscribed users based on their subscription plans. So, you can filter the navigation menu for different subscribed users.

You can also create a menu for logged in or logged out users, and select which menu would be more suitable. The filtration of the navigation menu is one of the interesting features, which you must try on your membership website.

11. Invoices and PayPal Recurring Payments

When members sign up for some subscription plan and pay the charges; it is important to have an invoice for the record purpose. So, you can easily do it with Paid Member Subscriptions as invoice setup will allow both the admin as well as members to download or check invoices for their subscriptions. In addition to that, the members can make first time payments with one of the renowned payment platforms of PayPal or Stripe.

The recurring payments can also be done through Paid Member Subscriptions by using the PayPal platform. The members will select their plans, and a monthly or quarterly fee will be automatically cut from their PayPal accounts. This payment feature with the invoice is a must to try for your membership website.


It has been revealed above that Paid Member Subscriptions is versatile. Proving incredibly beneficial for the new as well as existing membership websites if they use membership plug-in on their WordPress Websites. The range of options are available for different users having a different kind of website, and each one can try these unique features to remain ahead in the competition in their relevant industry.

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