3 Powerful Tips to Rank on the first page of Google. 2022

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Just who doesn’t wish to attract all the traffic on Google?

With the diversity of websites available on the internet, the competition is fiercer than before. It is very difficult to occupy the first position because there is an unimaginable number of sites that are showing up in the search results. In order to be ranked good and generate leads, you ought to know how you can effectively optimize your website.

The concept of Search Engine Optimization is not uncommon anymore. Almost every other entrepreneur is aware of its importance. However, not many of them are able to use its prowess to its utmost.

To make you stand out, we will tell you about 3 powerful tips to rank number 1 on Google in 2019.

Tip # 1 Focus on your content

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a major part of ranking belongs to nothing but content.

Search Engines including Google are searching for websites that are offering interesting content. Providing an excellent user experience to all visitors to the website no matter what device they are using to access your content. However, in most instances there is no meaning to the content that many sites offer to their visitors. In order to be different, you can simply write not for the sake of getting a good position but a positive view of visitors.

When you are writing for your clients, visitors, and traffic, tables are simply turned.

Google recognizes that you are posting an interesting topic with minimum mistakes and offers you a good position.

Other than meaningful content, you should focus on the depth of information that you are providing. For instance, if you are writing about how to dress well, you shouldn’t tell that visiting the nearest parlor can help. Instead, you should explain how to choose a combination of clothes with how to tuck in the shirt. Tell, whether to wear a T-shirt or a button-up shirt with what type of pants.

Simply put, you have to satisfy every demand of your visitor using your content. You will surely see a return for your efforts.

Tip # 2 Improve your tag and Meta Description

Now, you might question just what is this all about Meta description and tags.

Well, whenever you search about a keyword, you might notice that a website appears with a title at the top and a small description below. The former is a tag while the latter one is Meta description.

It is important to make sure that they are creative and appealing.

Google is more likely to pick up websites which have the keyword included in both their tag and Meta description the user is searching for. Without a keyword, it wouldn’t be an easy feat to get the visitor to click on your site. After all, you wouldn’t be visiting a site that isn’t displaying what you seek at the moment.

Don’t go putting too many keywords because it will lower the ranking. Rather than doing that, you should use them systematically because the flow of your content is important.

It is common to simply copy the top text of your content in the section of Meta description but it is better if you don’t do that. Since you have to raise the curiosity of your visitors, you should write it separately while picking best short lines.

Tip # 3 Use Google Search Console

Unfortunately, not many of us are aware of what we are missing when we are not using a free reporting and SEO tool offered by Google itself. It offers configuration and data control for your site as well as many other visitor metrics. It provides you with direct insights from Google regarding just how your website is viewed by the search engine.

The section call Search Traffic is among the best and offers information like phrases of keyword search that were served by Google in order to show your website. It tells you about the clicks

that were made by visitors as well. Moreover, you get to view which domains have been ascertained by Google that offer a link to your site, the structure of your internal link, and the linking page as well.

Search analytics is a very useful report as it offers insights regarding the performance of your site in the context of organic search. In addition, you can also see the most popular devices, countries, pages, and queries.

Thus, it is a mistake to leave such a good tool that can significantly help you in the optimization of your website. And these are the tips that can help you rank better. Now, it is all up to you.

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